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Welcome to Scott Vrieze's Lab Wiki!
Minnesota Center for Twin and Family Research, which Scott co-leads with Bill Iacono, Matt McGue, and Monica Luciana.
2017 group picture of Vrieze lab graduate students and postdocs (see older lab photos here). Top Row: Seon-Kyeong Jang, David Brazel, Eric Thibodeau, Gargi Datta, Robbee Wedow. Bottom Row: Zhen Liu, Hannah Young, Stephanie Zellers, Scott Vrieze.


Hello, we are a research group in the Psychology Department at the University of Minnesota. Our research is largely behavioral genetic, and includes


GSCAN The GWAS & Sequencing Consortium of Alcohol and Nicotine use is a collaboration between the University of Minnesota, Penn State, University of Michigan, and MIT.

CoTwins The Colorado Online Twin Study is a longitudinal study of adolescent twins using web-based and mobile tech assessment methods.

Genes for Good. An online genetic study of health and behavior. Join the study, visit our Facebook community page or follow us on Twitter Twitter bird logo 2012.jpg @genesforgood.

DevCon The "Developmental Consortium" is a budding longitudinal genetic association consortium effort.

Minnesota Center for Twin and Family Research A decades-long longitudinal study of ~2500 nuclear families, including 1,850 families with twins and 650 families with adoptees.

Lab meeting

Lab meeting goals and schedule are here.


Lab Github page is here VriezeLab Github.

To connect to the wired network you have to register your MAC address here:

LATIS Research Workshop Series

MSI runs tutorials weekly in person

MSI Tutorials are also available on Youtube

Codecademy Basic Command Line Tutorials

Minnesota Supercomputing Institute

CU Research Computing

Simple functions we seem to use all the time

Regular Expressions

UNIX basics


Programming resources



University of Minnesota

PSY 8612: Personality Measurement

University of Colorado Boulder

PSYC 3102: Behavioral Genetics. This course covers introductory material and concepts in behavioral and psychiatric genetics. We cover the history of BG, Mendelian diseases to illustrate basic gene/environment concepts, twin and adoption studies, and recent molecular approaches including whole genome sequencing and genome wide association analyses.

PSYC 3112: Behavioral Genetics II. This course covers more advanced concepts in behavioral genetics, including recent molecular approaches including whole genome sequencing and genome wide association analyses.

PSYC 7102: Statistical Genetics

PSYC 7693: Personality Measurement. Core PhD-level clinical psychology course designed to teach basic measurement and decision theory, as well as application of psychological tests like the MMPI-2 and structured interviews like the SCID5.

We're hiring postdocs and taking grad students!

We're currently accepting applications for talented postdoctoral fellows. The Please contact Scott if you're interested.

We're hiring!

We're always hiring great postdocs and taking good graduate student applicants. Please contact Scott if you are interested.

Prospective graduate students

Interested graduate students who would like to pursue a research-intensive PhD in Clinical Psychology can apply to work with Scott through the Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology Research program in the Psychology Department.

Odds and Ends

Scott is part of the Minnesota Center for Twin and Family Research, which houses multiple longitudinal genetically informative studies, including twins and adoptees.

Great stuff from Paul Meehl

  1. Philosophical Psychology Videos
  2. Many of his publications freely available
  3. Scott's faculty page